Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you sell actual cupcakes?

A: Yes! We sell gourmet cupcakes Tuesday through Saturday in the boutique. 

Q: Who makes these delicious cupcakes?

A: Big Cupcake Truck, best of the valley two years in a row cupcakes; are available in the shop. They are Organic, Non-GMO because only the best ingredients will do. 


Q:Do you sell cakes, cake pops, pastries, cookies and or anything else besides cupcakes?

A: We sell Gourmet cupcakes, two times the size of a traditional cupcake and they are out of this world delicious.  So...no, we only sell cupcakes.

Tracy always says, "If you do something spectacular,  don't mess with what you're doing."

Q: Can I become a vendor in your boutique?

A: Yes, if you make something unicorn, narwhal,  cupcake, glittery and it works with the aesthetics of the shop; we want to meet you! Give us a call, send us a message or come into the shop so we can chat! 

Q: Can I reserve space for a play date?

A: Yes, we offer fun activities for reserved play dates.

Q: Can I have an impromptu play date at your shop with my friends?

A: Yes, feel free to meet your friends at our shop - we have a very small play area for the littles, delicious cupcakes, and a fun selfie station for everyone to enjoy. We do not allow pop-up parties.

Q: What do you consider a pop-up party?

A: We do not allow pop-up parties at our shop. Pop-up parties are pre-arranged parties which have not been reserved and typically include presents and birthday-related activities. We require reservations for all party-related activities in our shop. 

Q: Where can I find information about your birthday parties?

A: Click here to see all of the fun party options we offer!

Q: Do you offer parties for one-year olds?

A: No, we offer parties for ages 3+.  

Q: What time and how long are your parties?

A: We typically reserve our parties at 4pm and they are approximately 1.5 hours long. We close our shop for the parties - they are private! 

Q: Is food included with your parties?

A: We include our wonderful cupcakes for the parties. However, we prefer you pre-arrange food for the party guests. We typically recommend pizza from our plaza - it is convenient (they deliver to us) and the children love it! You are free to bring in other food options if you wish. We do not allow outside sweets or other desserts. 

Q: Do I need a reservation for your events?

A: Typically, most of our events require reservations. If you visit our events on our website events page, you will see a full description of our events and if reservations or pre-payment is required.  

Q: How soon should I go online to reserve a space for your events?

A: As soon as you see the event posted - our events are popular (especially our Princess Day) and we have limited space available.  

Q: How do I book a birthday party?

A: Please call our shop (602-601-2911) to see if the date you request is available and we will charge the $50 non-refundable birthday party deposit to secure the date/time. You will also be responsible for completing our birthday contract prior to the party date.

Q: Do you offer any add-ons for your parties?

A: We do have fun party-favor options we would be happy to arrange for your party. We can arrange for professional photography for your party if you would like to add this option. Our parties are all-inclusive and proven to be kid favorites! Your child can also make a 

Q: Your parties state that there is a max of 10 kids, including the birthday child. Do you allow more than 10?

A: Our party space is very limited. We do not allow more than 10 total children. Our parties are super fun and intimate and 10 is the perfect number for your party!

Q: Do you have products for people without kids?

A: We have hundreds of products for all ages and genders - with and without kids! If you love unicorns, cupcakes and/or glitter - come visit us! We welcome everyone!

Q: What type of products do you carry? 

A: We offer as many unique locally handmade items as possible - shop local! Our products include items such as: hair accessories, activity books, bath and beauty, home goods, baby, stationery, birthday presents, and MORE! This is a very themed shop - we carry all unicorn, cupcakes and glitter products!

Q: I make items that I think would be perfect for your store - who do I contact?

A: We only consider handmade products that are unicorn, cupcake or glitter themed. We stock your items on consignment only. If you are interested, please email us: unicorncupcakeboutique@gmail.com and please include photos of your products. 

Q: Can you customize any of your products?

A: Some of our local vendors do offer personal customization. Please stop in and inquire and we can contact the vendor for you!